Oriental Persian Silk Rug is one of the largest export-oriented Iranian silk rug distribution companies that supplies 100% natural silk rugs with the highest quality and lifetime guarantee of color stability even after wash. The material needed to create these beautiful artworks are provided from the best producers.

From the very beginning and in a short period of time, due to a very good quality, this company has established its position among other providers of Iranian silk rugs in the world market. Handmade silk rugs produced by a combination of modern technology and tradition has been in the market for several years, but it has been presented as a world brand by Oriental Persian Silk Rug. Furthermore, the company is developing its sales network and is ready to attract and work with agencies, dealers and exclusive dealers from different countries.
Our silk rugs consist of the quality of handwoven silk rugs in all aspects of color, texture, roots, and finishing. Also, the product supply in the distribution network in our country and abroad is directly in favor of the market and the tastes and opinions of the consumer.
In this rapidly developing structure of the consumer market, the design and the production planning stage, paying attention to the needs of the market and speeding up the fulfillment of consumer demands is one of the success factors of this company.

Among the other success elements of Oriental Persian Silk Rug, we can mention the loyalty, sincerity and systematic effort of the employees and the trans-regional policy and compliance with the standards of customer orientation by the management of the company, which always pays attention to the well-being and comfort of the employees during its economic life.
Needless to say the Oriental Persian Silk Rug adheres to the mission of producing high-quality products at reasonable prices in line with customer satisfaction and is able to fully meet the needs of customers. This company which has been presented as a brand for Persian silk rugs in the world, is one of the pioneers in protecting the environment by complying with environmental standards.

A diverse and unique collection of products and textures, and for the first time in the world, 120-wate silk rugs have met all the needs and tastes of every person all over the world in cooperation with the biggest designers of handwoven rugs.
The use of world-class technology, high quality standards, specialized quality control laboratories, innovation and exclusive color palettes, and diversity in the amount of production and dimensions has caused the Oriental Persian Silk Rug to have a large share in exports in addition to domestic sales through a strong distribution network.

Oriental Persian Silk Rug Commitment

  • Its main goal which is providing and increasing the satisfaction of its customers by considering basic rules and values

  • Benefiting from the participation of all employees and their knowledge, experience, expertise, creativity and innovations at all levels to achieve organizational goals and provide a platform for their development

  • Creating and establishing a suitable environment within the organization for the implementation of its major goals

  • Constantly analyzing the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and internal and external threats of the organization in order to improve the productivity, effectiveness and efficiency of the organization by identifying, understanding and managing them

  • Paying attention to the latest global developments and technology and therefore training and increasing the skills of its employees

  • Making necessary decisions based on expert work, collective wisdom, and unity of procedure, facts, data and information analysis

  • Unique design by the most famous Iranian handwoven rug designers

  • Product lifetime warranty and support

  • Uncompetitive prices

  • Unique diversity of all products in terms of raw materials, plan and design, elegance and number of knots

  • The possibility of offering all products without limitation in number and size